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Lab Book

Cost: $65 as an introductory conference rate for OAFCS


Description:  A Baker's Dozen Labs manual is a 225+ page resource for baking educators as a how-to guide live-linked to hundreds of farm-to-oven baker assists in teaching the skill of baking to ages elementary to adult. 

 Each of the 13 labs includes home to career components:

·  Learning outcomes stated; FCS education standards and STEAM education aligned

·  Baking food safety incorporated

·  Both volume and weight preparations   

·  Ingredient baking functions and food history

·  Critical thinking Questions and Answers 

·  Live-linked teacher support resources

·  Baking Science lab or experiment

·  Computer Labs for independent research into agricultural, milling and baking industries

·  Three to five baking formulas and recipes for three experience levels

·  Community Connections (career exploration; community service learning) 

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Cooking at Home Lab Book

Labs are: 

  1. Why Bake? (Fresh Baked; Celebrations; Whole Grain Goodness; Locally Made; Special Needs (GF and allergies)  

  2. Getting Started (Essential baking terms, techniques)

  3. Wheat Flour and Cornmeal

  4. Creating Lift: Chemical Leavening

  5. Flavor Factor: Fats

  6. The Amazing Plant: Yeast

  7. Sweet! Baking with Sugars

  8. Eggs

  9. Liquids 

  10. The Savor of Salt

  11. Chocolate

  12. Value Added Baking:  Dough Sculpting

  13. A Baker's Pantry of Resources (Ingredient handling guides; human and baking resources)

Appendix  (30+ related teaching rubrics, pre-test, worksheets (w/answers), guides, infographics, supporting formulas)

Baker's Glossary of 350+ baking terms and techniques with resource links

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